Round Tanks

1,000 lt

Height: 1980mm
Diameter: 850mm
Inlet Height: 1980mm

2,200 lt

Height: 2070mm
Diameter: 1250mm
Inlet Height: 2070mm

4,000 lt

Height: 1980mm
Diameter: 1680mm
Inlet Height: 1980mm

5,000 lt

Height: 2300mm
Diameter: 1870mm
Inlet Height: 2240mm

6,000 lt **

Height: 2100mm
Diameter: 2200mm
Inlet Height: 2100mm

10,000 lt **

Height: 2380mm
Diameter: 2620mm
Inlet Height: 2265mm

23,500 lt **

Height: 2880mm
Diameter: 3660mm
Inlet Height: 2335mm

28,500 lt **

Height: 3320mm
Diameter: 3660mm
Inlet Height: 2775mm

45,000 lt **

Height: 3400mm
Diameter: 4600mm
Inlet Height: 3000mm

– 1,000L-5,000L tanks are fitted with a 25mm brass outlet and gate valve supplied.
– 10,000L tanks are fitted with a 40mm brass outlet and gate valve supplied.
– 23,500L/28,000L/45,000L tanks are fitted with a 50mm outlet and supplied with a 50mm ball valve and a light guard.
– All tanks are supplied with a 90mm* overflow and an inlet strainer basket fitted.

*All round tanks have the option of a 100mm overflow.

Optional extras:
– CFA Fitting and Extra tap fittings on request, additional charges will apply.