Round Water Tank 45,000 litre


The size of this tank requires specialised delivery equipment.
Upon receipt of a placed order we will contact you to discuss the extra delivery costs.

Height: 3400mm
Diameter: 4600mm
Inlet Height: 3000mm


  • Choose Outlet/Overflow point locations by viewing the diagrams for this product.
  • Select your chosen Outlet/Overflow points using the dropdown selections below.
  • Please note: Height of outlets are generally located 80mm from the bottom of the tank.

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  • All tanks are manufactured to order and approximate delivery time is 3-4 weeks.
  • Some tanks of certain models and colours may already be available in stock.
  • Please contact Tankformers directly on 03 5941 4004 or at sales@tankformers.com.au to enquire.
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